Selected Games


Cannon vs Cannon

by Khaled Abu-Ghazaleh and Nathan Williams

Cannon vs Cannon is a strategic turn-based physics game in which two players compete as bouncy, circular tanks equipped with deadly cannons. Cannon vs. Cannon was awarded 3rd place at GameFest 2016, representing the Quinnipiac Game Design and Development program.



By Brian Eisenberg, Connor Dean, Jake Frommer, Manny Gomez, Diego Holguin, Nevo Mantel, Nick Pinero, Colin Winders

Lucid is a rogue-like action adventure game that allows the player full control over their lucid dream, making use of powerful abilities to fight nightmares in a vivid, dynamically generated, surreal landscape.


Rapture The Flag

by DJ Bilal, John Hatton-Miller, Christopher Laferriere, Hector Ogando, Donovan Sepulveda, and Joe Verducci.

Rapture the Flag is a team-based multiplayer game where players take control of the forces of heaven and hell, battling for souls of the recently departed. Teams try to capture their opponent's flag in an arena filled with moving walls, spinning pillars, and power ups. Rapture the Flag was was awarded Best Multiplayer game at GameFest 2017 at RPI and was exhibited at PAX East 2017.


Ligand Quest

by Andy Mechalakos and Ryan O’Hara

An educational game prototype teaching the basics of pharmacology where the player achieves defined goals by dragging ligands into receptors.The game's development was a collaboration between game design and nursing and was funded by a university innovation grant.


Time Tekker

By Ryan O'Hara

Time Tekker is a top-down shooter with a twist: when you stand still, you enter bullet time. The game was completed in two weeks to fulfill an assignment exploring multitasking. It also won a Best Use of Time award representing Quinnipiac at GameFest 2017 at RPI.



by Zach Kohlberg and Ron Burgess

BRAX is a minimalist puzzle platformer with a unique take on death. Players use their past lives, in the form of ghosts, to complete puzzles. Ghosts mimic the actions of the player's previous attempts at the level.



by Jacob Frommer and Brian Eisenberg

Parallel is a side-scrolling puzzle game with a time manipulation mechanic. The player must use portals to travel forward and backwards in time to complete puzzles. In one puzzle, the player must take a sprout from the present, plant it in the past, and return to climb a fully-grown tree.


ABG Rush

by Ron Burgess, Colin Winders and Others

ABG Rush is an educational game designed to assist nursing students in correctly diagnosing arterial blood gas values. The game was funded by an innovation grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. 




by Connor Dean, Nevo Mantel, and Colin Winders

A cooperative 3D dual-stick horde game with challenging gameplay and a minimalist aesthetic. It features splitscreen gameplay, multiple pick-ups and dramatic lighting. 


No Place Like Home

by John Hatton-Miller, Donovan Sepulveda and Manny Gomez Prieto

No Place Like Home is a game that employs environmental storytelling to explore the issue of homelessness. The player takes control of a young homeless child, unravels a tragic mystery, and learns the story of how he ended up where he is today.



by Nick Molina

In Alchemy! you play a budding alchemist perfecting your craft. Over the course of 120 days, combine elements in magic boxes, conduct research, scavenge for raw materials, manage resources, and share your discoveries with the world to achieve a high score.



by Mike Vaspasiano

A top-down exploration game where you play as John White, an investigator sent by Sir Walter Raleigh to explore the disappearance of the missing settlers on Roanoke Island. 


Castle Combat

by Thomas Hayes and Matthew Hodges

Castle Combat is a fast-paced puzzle game where the player must strategically place towers to combat waves of increasingly resilient bandits attacking a castle. As the game progresses, the player must continually add and upgrade towers as well as maintain barriers that block alternate paths.